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Mr. DAmico

Key Advice for Seniors Heading to College

Dominic McDonald, Staff Writer May 14, 2024

As the class of 2024’s high school experience is coming to an end, we’ve been having questions and expectations for college. As college approaches, us seniors wonder what that college life will really...

Teaching Roman Numerals

Teaching Roman Numerals

Yhoan Urdaneta, Contributing Writer May 10, 2024

I'm here to teach you all how to write and understand Roman numerals.   Let’s start.   In Roman numerals, instead of numbers we use letters as everyone should already know.   It...

Art by Joseph Reyna

Brawl Stars

Joseph Reyna Dearcia, Contributing Writer May 1, 2024

I am going to recommend the game Brawl Stars.   This is a mobile game. If you like to be the best in games and have the best things in the game, then I suggest that you read this review about...

How to Make Arepas

How to Make Arepas

Abraham Mariño, Contributing Writer May 1, 2024

For Venezuelans, arepas are more than a food. It is a tradition in Venezuela and identifies us as Venezuelans. I would like the arepa culture to reach many countries and for people to try the food of Venezuela....

Good Old Morning Due

Good Old Morning Due

Lizbeth Lopez, Staff Writer April 25, 2024

Morning Due is an affordable cafe where you get greeted by the owners and their personal staff members. Their staff members are always having a good time and are happy to see you. If you'd like to visit,...

Art by Mingze (Hugo) Nie

Mission’s connections to the war in the Middle East

Alejandra Flores Aguilar, Contributing Writer April 19, 2024

On October 7th, 2023 Hamas, a Palestinian military group that resists Israel, launched a surprise attack on Israel and took around 240 people as hostages as a way of fighting back for the years of injustice...

How Safe Do You Feel?

Ramon Macdonald, Staff Writer April 15, 2024

As a student, how safe do you feel in San Francisco? Recently at Mission High, a student was robbed by another student. At neighboring Everett Middle School, an adult working for the after school program...

Boo Bart! You can do better!

Boo Bart! You can do better!

Brandon Canahui Miguel, Staff Writer April 5, 2024

A few days after New Year's, I had to go to San Jose and pass by the Oakland Coliseum on BART. On the train, I saw a fight. Two people who were arguing started fighting and the train continued moving....

The Future Center, 2nd floor

The Future Center: Don’t Delay, Ask for Help!

Dominic McDonald, Staff Writer April 5, 2024

When you walk into the Future Center, you see multiple desks with college counselors ready to answer questions from curious students. There are snacks and a lounge area. It is located in room 213 and open...

Hall passes

Tardies and their Consequences

Jayden Reyes Batres, Staff Writer April 2, 2024

Tardiness is the habit of arriving late to a place or meeting. When a student arrives late, it can show a lack of motivation or respect in some cases. For some time now, it has been observed that tardiness...

Bagel and Thai iced tea from Dolores Park Café

Dolores Park Café Has Something for Everyone

Natalie Ramirez, Staff Writer March 29, 2024

As a Mission High School student, you must know about Dolores Park Café, located at 18th and Dolores Streets and open daily from 7am-5pm. When I can’t make food at home, I remember there's a...

West Oakland Station gates

Bart’s New Idea: A problem?

Jayden Reyes-Batres, Staff Writer February 12, 2024

When fares are high, gate hopping is tempting; however, it may not be an option for much longer. Gate hopping or fare evasion is very infamous in BART because there are always people hopping the gates....

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