Latinx Food Festival, a wonderful tradition


Hannah Birch, Staff Writer

The Latinx Food Festival was an event that took place in the Mission High School fire alley on September 16th to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month. The event started at the students lunch time. There were a lot of people and there were plenty of food stands selling nachos, pupusas, spam musubi, falafel, tacos and many more with prices that ranged from $3-5.

Sonia Delarios Moran, a 17 year old student working at one of the stands said, “This event is important because it can showcase different foods from around the world and has representation active from each culture. It is a great idea to give students ideas of different cultures.”

Lucia Delarios Moran, her 15 year old sister said,  “This event is a great idea to raise money for the school and good for clubs to work on.”

Another Mission High School student said, “ I think it is a good opportunity to meet people and make money.”

Stephanie Gong, a senior who is a part of API club and was helping out at one of the stands said, “This event is important to raise money and bring awareness to clubs and to build community.”

Justin Lopez, a sophomore said, “I think the event is a cool event and our school should have more.”

Alejandra Flores said, “Really good food and liked panochos from JROTC.” She was glad to see food from Mexico and Latinx countries.

Micheal Elias, the Student Activity Adviser, organized the event and said, “This event is done every year for the past 4 years that I have been at Mission High School, but I am not sure for how long it has been done before and it is a good way for clubs to make money.” 

What I noticed was that the event was a very happy space where many students and staff enjoyed good food at lunch. It is a wonderful tradition at Mission and will hopefully continue for future students, so that they can see different foods and cultures from Latin America.