Dealing with the stress of tomorrow, today


Josue Villalta, Contributing Writer

As we have arrived at that time of year, all of our seniors have been subjected to a large amount of stress. As the usual process of getting good grades in challenging or not so challenging classes still remains for one final year in high school, there is also the worry and stress over college. As our seniors scramble to start and finish their CSU applications, their UC applications and their Common Applications they have a lot more on their plate this year than any other year before. So I went around and asked some seniors and asked them how they dealt with the stress of senior year. 

Spending Time With Family

One student stated that spending more time with their family relieves them a lot. Especially considering that some students will be leaving home after this school year to far away places, creating bonds and memories can certainly be reassuring. Not only that but even if you aren’t leaving all that far you can grow to appreciate or understand what your parents do as adults and how they have all sorts of responsibilities imposed on them regardless if they do or don’t actually hold themselves accountable.

Spending Time Doing Hobbies

To distract the mind you can always do your favorite things such as watching television or listening to music or even simply reading a book. Taking time to do whatever it is you enjoy goes a long way and it seems that people forget that indulging yourself in these times of stress is not a bad thing. Some of our students skate, draw, and do all sorts of things that can give them a sense of relief or escapism from the scary and uncertain future. 

Spending Time Trying New Things

Finding new things to try out can be a very successful way of relieving stress as you can find yourself feeling a new sense of motivation or inspiration. Trying to exercise if you haven’t done it before could allow you to form small goals and achieve them one by one giving you that sweet sense of satisfaction. Trying to get involved with new clubs or programs you never considered, allows you to be more open to new things and see what more you like or dislike, either way it should preferably be a good experience. 

Spending Time With Yourself

Ray down in the wellness center spilled wisdom on taking a look inside yourself and realizing what it is you need to do in order to gain a sense of relief. “Relieving stress is different for everyone, to some it’s best getting lost in music, to others just doing nothing can relieve their stress,” stated Ray. So whenever you’re unsure as to how to relieve stress take a look inside and listen to what your body asks of you.

As you see, our students are finding ways to take days one at a time, trying to remind themselves that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed but there’s always something you can do about it. So whenever you feel stressed about anything, try to do something you enjoy.