Plants are more important than we give them credit for

Lucia Cornelius, Staff Writer

Plants are more important than people give them credit for because they help to filter the very air we breathe. They also change carbon dioxide into oxygen and remove toxins.   from the air in order to grow up  and be tall.  

Plants create and cycle nutrients throughout soil and this leads to the production of food and is the foundation upon which all life depends.  The ecosystem is a system of dependency. 

Because each part of the ecosystem relies on each other, when one of those crucial things is taken away, it starts to fall apart.  Deforestation, pressure on resources such as water and land especially with agricultural practices, food waste, plastics, landfill, ocean acidification and other human generated problems are among many other practices that threaten the ecosystem. Furthermore, unstable weather patterns that include long fire seasons, more frequent and damaging hurricanes and floods as well as other weather related problems make the problem worse.

The whole ecosystem is built around plants and upon one another in a way that we are only just beginning to understand thanks to botanists who study plants.

Many Mission High School teachers are professional or amateur botanists. Mr Ramiller, a science teacher is one of them.  When you walk into Mr. Ramiller’s classroom you will find some plants on a window sill on the other side of the room. Then you will also find a plant on a desk in the far corner with some blue tape on the floor. Then soon after you walk in, you will find a plant nursery on a table.   In response to a question about an unbalanced ecosystem, Ramiller said, “I think that plants aren’t getting enough water.”

“I imagine that it is displacing some species and promoting others, damaging the natural ecology,” said Mr. Ramiller, who teachers physics and biology.The change in the climate is happening too fast for some of the plants to keep up with the high temperature.”

To tackle the problem of an unbalanced ecosystem especially the long seasons that often affect how much food can be grown, scientists have been conducting research to help solve the problem. Additionally, people are researching alternative methods such as using much I have heard that the long seasons are affecting how much food we can grow. 

Solutions to repair damage to the ecosystem are as important as the problem. For example, scientists are researching mushrooms to help with the gas problem. Spending money on green technologies, developing sustainable agricultural practices, reduction of plastic production, wildlife conservation of habitats, and other practices are essential. Finally, plant more trees and plants.