Introducing my friend, Shane Solis

Introducing my friend, Shane Solis

Samira Kasmai, Contributing Writer

Shane Solis is a lactose intolerant Mexican American with an exuberant personality and frank words, he calls it “being a jerk 24/7”

I met Shane in P.E. His black and neon green hair is easy to spot in a crowd and you almost never catch him without his headphones on. 

His witty jokes and amusing comebacks are the highlight of lunch. Who doesn’t like free entertainment, while snacking on free food at lunch?

Though it may seem that way, Shane is not all sarcastic “Oh, wows” and fun. His kind heart wants to be a better friend so he’s there when you need it. He often shares funny stories and pictures about how much he loves his small and chubby dog, Mickey. His kind heart also drives him in his career. 

He wants to be a veterinarian. When he gets out of high school, he can learn to help and take care of animals.

Shane had always been an animal person. Ever since he saw his uncle’s dog suffering from a leg infection and having to wait and watch while his dog got sick drove him to wanting to help take care of animals even more.

He described Mission High School as “calmer” compared to Kipp Middle School, and likes that there’s a bigger support system. “I get more help from teachers, to understand the work”. 

Going to college to become a veterinarian is one of his goals for the future.

I speak from my own experience that it is nice to know that you have people you can count on.