The poor response to Covid-19


art by Sarah Saleman

Sarah Sagum, Staff Writer

The U.S. should have had the best response to COVID-19. We have so many resources, but due to greed, the economy and distrust in our government, we have been deeply affected by the pandemic. The U.S. has historically prioritized profits over people especially anyone they see as less valuable. This creates severe distrust in our government. For example, in the Tuskegee Experiment, they used 600 Black men and toyed with their health for financial benefit. They killed them to try and prove they could overwork Black men. This created distrust with our healthcare system. How do civilians who have been taken advantage of before know the vaccine isn’t another attempt to hurt them again.

The economy in the U.S. has a huge effect on who dies from COVID. Our government takes advantage and manipulates people in need. They have used the populous method to push cigarettes onto Native American people, they stuff immigrants into detention camps and they don’t give healthcare to people unable to afford it. The U.S. has a severe issue with greed. They view money as more important than people; they see people as disposable.

The United States has the highest COVID-19 death count due to our government’s current and past lack of care as well as  socioeconomic issues.  They have caused many communities; especially those without privilege to distrust them.