Come to the Wellness Center


Gerardo Segovia Anca

The Wellness Team

Gerardo Segovia Anca, Staff Writer

The entrance to the Wellness Center, photo by Gerardo Segovia Anca

At home in Mission High’s basement is the Wellness Center. It is committed to providing overall mental and physical health needs for our students through a variety of free and private services. The wellness center’s mission is to provide a safe environment to empower and support students of different grades, gender, sexual orientation and race to find and use their voice and to feel safe and grow both as individuals and as community members.

To ensure that the Wellness Center is here to support, we conducted a short FAQ to gather information about the many services the Wellness Center offers.

Q:  What services are provided by the Wellness Center?

A: The Wellness Center consists of the following services: 

  • Individual mental health counseling (1-to-1 therapy in English, Spanish and Mandarin) 
  • Support groups for substance use, leadership development, and violence prevention
  • Nursing services: health insurance sign-ups, referrals for vision/dental/primary care, reproductive health support
  • Staff and family wellness consultations about student health issues
  • A safe, quiet, confidential place to take a breath and have a nice cup of tea 
  • Supportive Peer Groups – Q Group, Newcomer Group, Surf Club with Ray

Q: Are the Wellness Center Services confidential?

A: Yes! Everything in Wellness is fully confidential under minor consent laws, which means that whatever is shared with the Wellness team is kept fully safe and private. In addition, what is said won’t be shared with teachers, parents or anyone else. However there are three exceptions to this rule: Harm to Self, Harm to Others and/or Someone is Harming You. 

Q: Who is on the Wellness team and what are their roles? 

A:  Chandra Sivakumar (He/Him) – School Social Worker/Wellness Coordinator

      Ray Sotto (He/Him)  – CHOW (Community Health Outreach Worker) 

      Nurse/Enfermera Mary (She/Her) – Located in Room 106 (Si Habla Español!)

      Ali Pflaum (She/Her) – Associate Therapist 

Q: How do we get a hold of the Wellness Center ?

A: Ask for a pass from your teacher to come down to the wellness center for a short break. 

Open throughout the school day (8am-4pm) 

To be assigned to a in school therapist you can sign the Wellness Referral Form 

The Wellness Center’s message is: Remember you are not alone! If you need support and assistance don’t hesitate to drop in or contact any of the Wellness team. Mission High’s Wellness Center is more than happy to assist you all with your Wellness needs. AT MISSION HIGH WE CARE ABOUT YOU! | EN MISSION HIGH TE QUEREMOS! | نحن نهتم بك | 我们关心你 |