State bound Mya!


Hannah Birch, Staff Writer

If Mya Lane Fitch, a 10th grader at Mission High School, wins her next match, she’ll head to Los Angeles for the state championship.  


“This is the biggest thing for me.” 


She originally started wrestling when she was a baby. Her stepdad taught her and she fell in love with the sport.


The wrestling season lasts from January to May. 


One of our own P.E. teachers, Mr. Levexier, the wrestling team coach, is Mya’s cousin! It’s pretty cool  having your own cousin being your coach and he has a history of wrestling himself.


As Mya said “I am nervous about state and competing.” This is a reasonable worry but I think that Mya has a high chance of winning like come on she has made it this far she just has to keep going.  


As Mya said, “ I wanna go pro I practice everyday and learn new moves.” This is very hard to do consistent work and is very impressive from Mya’s end. 


She also said “I wanna go to college through wrestling and wrestle other colleges,” which is really an impressive goal and a smart one considering she is very good at wrestling and likes to do it.


In the end for now let us just wish the best of luck to Mya to win this next match and go to States!