BSU assembly celebrates community

D'Quarte Rivers Jr., Staff Writer


The Black Student Union is a place where “Black/African Americans students and staff can go to be themselves and not be judged,” said Child Welfare Attendance Liaison, Gigi Hasley.

Favour Odenyi, a senior, feels the club was made “to make space for people. I feel it’s for people to feel safe and to have support. Having support helps people feel confident within themselves.” 

If you went to the assembly, the BSU club organized a series of performances for us including dancing, speeches, poems and Mr. Scott jamming on the guitar. 

“Overall we were together, in the aspect that we did really well and we tried our best. Our effort and coordination were seen on stage,” says Favour. 

“Prior to the performance, I think it was a struggle getting everybody together but we had staff who were very supportive and worked with students and related the same information to all the students. I commend the staff by being able to work with everybody,” she continued.

Gigi added, “It went well, it was good. We would like to improve and make it better but we will also like to have a different representation of students next year.”

If you’re considering joining the club, here’s advice from Favour: 

“It’s a chance for you to gain leadership experience.  Plus if you are thinking of attending college it is an activity that shows your commitment and ability to work with people. You get to be with different people who look like you and have different experiences and it allows you to have confidence outside of being in BSU. You could also make friends as well and have another support system.”