Ms. Mufti, amazing and phenomenal


D'Quarte Rivers Jr., Staff Writer

English and Creative Writing teacher Ms. Nadia Mufti is one of the many amazing and phenomenal teachers here at Mission High School. 


She’s very welcoming and accepting, asking me how I’m doing each day. She is open to talk to anyone; if you ever need anything such as comfort or words of encouragement, you can find her in Room 311.


Many students come to talk to Ms. Mufti when they’re freshmen, and still do so even after they move on from 9th grade. Ms. Mufti stated, “I have a lot of students who tell me things and tell me all about their lives, the good, the bad and the really difficult things in life. And when they’re not in my class anymore they come back and they still talk to me.” Even though she has influenced students through everyday English class, she feels that her impact is really through her creative writing class. 


Ms. Mufti feels that if she had the option to go and take another job she would not take it, she would instead stick to being a teacher. 


A fun fact about Ms. Mufti: when in college, she initially wanted to enter the law/justice profession, but instead waited and became a teacher; she has been here ever since (7 years).