The bright and brand new soul: Mr. Saam Khanzadeh

The bright and brand new soul: Mr. Saam Khanzadeh

Lizbeth Lopez, Contributing Writer

Meet Mr. Khanzadeh, or as he likes his students to call him Mr. K., the bright and brand new fresh air that Mission was just missing. 

Mr. K is a 28 year old Persian. He was born and raised in San José but his family is from Iran. He likes to describe himself as an extra people person and likes to interact with others, but not in an attention-seeking type of way. He considers himself a loving person. But I like to see him as an open minded person who’s generally thoughtful and kind to those around him, especially when they need it the most. Some hobbies he has: “I love to play music, hike, read, write and get together and have fun.”

Mr K.’s family is most meaningful to him and especially his twin “doppelgänger of a brother” because of how much love he carries for them and the stories he tells about them. He enjoys talking to them and gets together with them at least once a week. He is also close with his friends and really seems to enjoy his time being with them. They enjoy playing music together. 

I would’ve never thought that you could develop a friendship over music, but we all find our own different ways. He is very lucky to have people in his life that enjoy his company and he enjoys theirs too. That’s something you don’t find so often. 

Why did he choose to become a teacher? 

“I love people and am a people person.” He wanted to interact with others like students and above all: “I also love reading and find it cool to teach ideas, hang out and do things I love, “ he claimed. 

You don’t hear that from teachers at this school which makes him unique and one of a kind. 

Choosing Mission out of all the schools he could’ve chosen was one big “Wow stanza” for him. Besides the good things he’s heard about from a friend, what he wanted most was a group of diverse kids to work with and he wanted to be a part of a strong community. 

As much as Mr. K. loved his old school and loved his old students where he “created a pack,” he had to leave that behind. He came along and created a new little family of his own here at Mission. 

Although sometimes students may not be as excited or may be very shy, Mr. K. always gets students to become brave. He gets them to talk with strong open-ended questions like no other. 

He creates a conversation with all and is always checking up on every student making sure they have everything or are alright. He puts them first and never sees his students as the same. 

Mr. K. appreciates that all of his students are different and may be going through some things sometimes, and he tries his best to help in any way. He has his door open and welcomes those who may sometimes need somewhere to go. 

I asked one question that I found a little difficult. Mr.K thought so as well because he had to think about it. It’s: What makes you a good teacher?

And so he responded “I lead with empathy, and don’t really care about data but care more about people and treat them the same,” which is where the interview ended. 

During the interview, I found myself lost in some conversations, talking and listening to him which I didn’t mind, because it’s something I’m used to.

People see him as a teacher, but I like to see him as a human being who’s carefree about the world and really likes to live in it. Mr. K. brings that type of energy to the classroom. This can be hard sometimes, but he doesn’t let that bring him down, which is something that makes him passionate. 

To whoever reads this story, not only do you not judge a book by its cover, but open it to see what’s inside because you never know what may be happening inside it until you really get to know that person.